22 августа 2008

AutoEnginuity Scan Tools 6

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Операционные системы: WinXP
Количество CD/DVD: 1 CD
Дата обновления данных: 8/2008
Цена: 100 USD


AutoEnginuity’s® Scan Tool is a professional PC, Pocket PC, and Palm diagnostics scan tool for all OBD2 (OBDII) compliant vehicles. AutoEnginuity’s® scan tool allows you to read your vehicle’s diagnostic trouble codes, live vehicle sensors (including wide-band O2 sensors), and inspection/maintenance system test results to quickly determine what service the vehicle requires.
What AutoEnginuity’s Scan Tool can do:
* Save, print, read and clear Stored and Pending P, U, B, and C Trouble Codes. Supporting P0 – P9 generic and manufacturer specific codes (including the new lettered codes (e.g., P06A0)
* The largest manufacturer specific trouble code library of all PC/PDA-based scan tools (25,000+)
* Read and clear Freeze Frame data
* View live vehicle sensors in a meter, graph, or grid format
* View oxygen sensor live data and test results
* View all 11 Inspection/Maintenance systems and Mode 6 data
* Unlimited logging of live vehicle sensors in TXT, XML, or CSV (1ms logging accuracy)
* Playback your data logs for offline analysis
* Run and query specific component and system tests. Support for generic and enhanced bi-directional tests
* View generic and manufacturer enhanced data on the same tool
* English or Metric (SI) units of measure supported
* Configure your sensors’ ranges, scaling value, audible alert triggers, units, and sampling rate
* Savable configurations. Set up the interface to suit your preferences and save it so you never have to do it again
* Supports 1996 and newer passenger vehicles, whether it be domestic, Asian, or European.
SAE interfaces: J1850 (PWM and VPM), ISO-9141-2, ISO-14230 [KWP2000], and CAN [11bit and 29bit]


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