• V-MAC III Service Software v.2.7.8

22 августа 2008

V-MAC III Service Software v.2.7.8

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Операционные системы: WinXP
Количество CD/DVD: 1 CD
Дата обновления данных: 1/2003
Цена: 50 USD


The V-MAC III Service Software v.2.7.8 effectivity date is 11/03/2003. The
software is a fully 32-bit RP1210A-compliant application and will work with MS
Windows 98, and MS Windows 2000/XP (when using an RP1210A-compliant data link
adapter). NOTE: J-38351-D support under Win 2000/XP uses the adapter in RP1210A
mode only, and requires the installation of updated Noregon Standalone API v.2.5
device drivers. This release of diagnostic software includes support for all V-MAC
III module combinations including E-Tech, CCRS, ASET IEGR, and ASET CEGR through
1MS369/1MS375, or V-MAC III Step 10.
V-MAC III Service Software User Manual
Also included on this CD-ROM are the device drivers necessary to use both the J-
38351-D and J-45537-PLC with V-MAC III Service Software in the RP1210A mode. They
are located in the …Noregon Standalone API v.2.5 directory and supercede the
drivers distributed with the J-45537-MACK essential service tool kit.

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