22 августа 2008

Mitchell UltraMate 6.5

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Для какого рынка авто каталог: Канада, США
Доступные в авто каталоге языки: Английский
Операционные системы: WinXP
Количество CD/DVD: 3 CD
Дата обновления данных: 4/2008
Цена: 50 USD


UltraMate is an advanced estimating system with proven technology that helps you create estimates that are accurate, verifiable, and readily accepted throughout the industry.
UltraMate combines database accuracy with Windows ease-of-use, plus automated calculations and repair procedure pages that virtually eliminate errors. These features make it easier to produce estimates that are right the first time, and reduce the need for supplements. With intuitive, uncomplicated navigation, clear graphics, and simple-to-follow help instructions, UltraMate delivers powerful estimating technology.
UltraMate is fully equipped to handle a wide range of estimating scenarios with alternative parts selection products and can also help you with critical business management functions with an integrated basic shop management product called ShopPak. You can click on the products below to find out more:
Mitchell’s Alternate Parts Program (MAPP)
Quality Recycled Parts (QRP)
Powered by the Mitchell Database – the #1 database in the industry
Tab Menu Structure
Configurable Repair Screen
Right Click and Drag and Drop Functionality
Automatic VIN decode
Procedure Pages
Based on CIECA standards facilitating open communications
Communicate electronically to retrieve assignments and send estimates
WebCom Broadband Communications (TCP/IP, DSL, T1 and ISP connections)
Increase productivity and flexibility
Saves time
Reduce errors due to greater accuracy
Connect easily and quickly with business partners
UM 5.0 Brochure, PDF

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