22 августа 2008

Sogefi Filters 2007

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Для какого рынка авто каталог: Все регионы
Доступные в авто каталоге языки: Английский
Операционные системы: WinXP
Количество CD/DVD: 1 CD
Дата обновления данных: 10/2006
Цена: 25 USD


The SOGEFI Electronic Catalogue is designed to be a quick and easy way to access the full range of FRAM & COOPERS products using a personal computer (PC). Not only does the catalogue allow you to search by Make and Model to show all options for the particular vehicle, you can also use additional criteria (Engine Size ,Dates) to further refine the search. This is particularly useful where a Model has many variants.
Catalogue information can be found using four methods:
1)Catalogue Enquiry – By entering vehicle details: Make, Model, Engine, Dates
2)Cross Reference – By entering an Original Equipment Number or Competitor Part Number
3)Buyers Guide – By entering the FRAM/COOPERS Part Number, find applications.
4)Air filter dimension search – By selecting filter type and entering required dimensions.
An additional function is the Part Enquiry – By entering the FRAM/COOPERS Part Number you are able to see a picture of its format and detail information of its sizes.
Most of these options are linked together therefore allowing quick and simple part identification whatever the start point.


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